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About us

Lulu Stellar is a fun loving custom Pets goods brand dedicated to helping Pet Parents Express their Love and Adoration in a Humorous way! 

We curate portraits and paintings and combine them with your adorable photos!

You just upload your photo, our Very Talented team of Designers do the rest!

Your portrait will be Expertly Created by one of our dedicated professional artists. 

We're very proud of the 'wow' reaction that our art will evoke, and we love to hear from customers about the reactions of their friends, family and social media followers.
All of our prints are completely unique to you and aren't available anywhere else in the world. Our artists are trained to capture your Pets unique characteristics and facial features, and to express your love for them in the finished portrait.

We're really inspired by the love of family and we love to see you sharing your Lulu Stellar art on social media. You are the reason we do this.

Your stories mean the absolute world to us 💖

Featuring the details and expression of your beloved pet. Your Portrait will always be One-of-a-Kind!

Satisfaction Guarantee

We started as a local Canadian company and quickly grew to feature happy pets worldwide, All while having a 99.4% customer satisfaction!

Fast shipping

With Multiple printing partners across the world. We Pride ourselves in fast production and shipping times.

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