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My Dogs Got a New Baby Brother

What is it like having a baby with two other fur baby’s?



I don’t think pet owners ever truly realize how much their pets rely on them not just for basic necessities but for constant affection and love. Then one day when this new adorable human arrives your other fur children take a step behind and loose the full attention they used to receive.

My days used to be spent taking the dogs for a walk, playing with toys and snuggling up on the couch to watch a movie with them in between my stay at home work. These days were relaxing and peaceful, I could offer them my full attention to every one of there needs. But days like this are hard to come by now!

Now we spend our days caring for the little one; feeding, changing, rocking, playing and snuggling! The dogs although still loved just as much loose out on their daily extras. But that’s not the only thing that changed. Now they live to be with this new little brother of theirs. I believe they think he is one of them, he always has a cuddle buddy or a grooming helper. The dogs have adopted the must clean little man habit. So now we go about our days snuggling together with a bit less love directed at them but the opportunity for them to love their new friend and wait to receive it back.

I feel as though dogs can adapt quite well to these changes. And take this not as though they receive less but as though they are becoming parents as well. They protect the baby as though it was their own, not a day goes by that I ever worry. As long as I have my two little helpers to chase after and ever growing boy.

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