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A day in the life... of a Dog!

Ever wonder what goes through a dogs mind as they navigate their day with you? We do! So here's what a day looks like, from the perspective of my dog, Lynkin!



My eyes just opened up from the sunlight, I'm hungry! Must be Morning... But then again, I'm always hungry so it could be any time really.

Better go wake up the boss! Don't want him to sleep in again. 

Should I jump on the bed beside him? or knock over the lamp again? Or maybe hugs and kisses, he likes those! Okay hugs and kisses it is. 

Grr thats not working, better give a gentle nudge with my nose. There it is! 

Now my turn, I want scratches and love! 

Okay now lets go outside and play! WAIT! NO!! That's not outside that's the bathroom...WAAIIT!


Fine, go shower first you silly hooman. 



That was a nice walk, I enjoyed that a lot. Dads got work to do so I'll lay next to him and keep him company, if I’m not there he gets bored a lot. I see him staring at his laptop (I don't really know what that is) and he makes clicking sounds with his fingers. My friends and I think fingers are weird too!

I think it's time for a nap while he does his "work". I’m pooched!

My eyes just opened, I'm hungry it must be morning...No wait that was earlier! 

I'll just wag my tail so he knows I’m awake, I don't really want to get up just yet.


Oh wait! I just remembered! It's almost fetch time!! I'll just nudge his hand slightly so he knows I'm ready when he is. Maybe a little kiss too!  He is my favorite human in the world!




IIIIIIITS TIIIIIIIIME! We're going to the park, to the park! To the park oh to the park YAYYY!!!!


Sorry man I'll calm down while you put my leash on! I always forget that part.

He throws, I Fetch. What an amazing game, he laughs and talks human, I growl (I'd laugh if I could).

I'm making new friends too! I met Kelvin the Labrador today, he chased me but he couldn't catch me! Sucker haha!

I'm exhausted again, I don't want to walk anymore. I'll just lay down and he'll pick me up and carry me home. I wonder if he knows I'm the actual boss in our home?

Ooo and I'm hungry again, dinner time!

We always eat together, It's my favorite time. 

No wait I lied. My favorite time is laying on the couch after dinner and watching other hoomans on TV! Silly hoomans....



Anyway, That was a great day, Thanks for tagging along! 

Woofster in Chief,

Lynkin @ LuluStellar

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