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10 Great things to know when adopting a Shelter dog

October is “Adopt a Shelter Dog” month!

Here are some good facts to think about when picking out your new furry friend!

1. Shelter dogs tend to be more shy, they may not have been around people or other animals a lot and are still not sure on what a hooman really is!

2. Some shelter dogs might have had a best friend before but they passed on and these fur babies still don’t know what’s going on, be patient with them!

3. Their previous owner might not of taught them where to go to the bathroom so they might have accidents but they don’t mean to upset you!

4. They tend to take a bit to warm up to you but once they do be prepared for all the love and kisses! They might not know when it’s to much love they are giving you! 

5. All dogs are trainable it just takes time and effort, don’t give up on them!

6. Some fur babies might be scared of certain things (example: hats, loud noises, kids, men or woman) try’s she work on slowly introducing these things it may take time or they may never adjust but take it slow.

7. They might eat their food to fast because they might not of always had it before. It’s important to make sure they are getting enough to eat well also insuring they don’t eat to fast and get sick. Look into different options to help show your new dog they don’t have to worry. Maze food dishes are a great option!

8. Some dogs may of never been on a leash before! Start slow and find a collar or halter that makes your new friend happy. They may pull at first but in time with training they will learn!

9. They may not like children! You may never be able to have children around them or you may slowly be able to get them used to kids but a lot of the time they were never around kids at all or maybe they were in a house where children didn’t treat them right. Take it slow and build trust don’t expect them to be okay right away.

10. You might love them right away but they may be unsure. Although you may want to cuddle and give them kisses they might of never experienced that before. Let them get used to you and come to you first. You can show love by feeding them and being patient with them! 

There are many more factors to consider or remember when taking care of a shelter dog, these are just a few things to get you started. Some days will be harder then others but if you take the time you will have a best friends for years that we can’t wait to see!

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